One of the common things between human and plants is that they both require water and nutrients for their growth and development. But the following are some of the factors which can affect the growth and productivity of plants, fruits, and crops:

    • One of the major problems is drought.
    • Adverse physical and chemical properties of the soil also affect the plant productivity. Soils may develop macro-pore space which results in low soil aeration and further causes low infiltration rates and low water retention.

As a solution to the above problem TRUE HYDROGEL comes to the rescue which acts as a water retainer. Unlike some other products available which themselves become hydrated, TRUE HYDROGEL is known to have a property whereby when it is integrated into the soil it absorbs a large amount of water and nutrients as well as easily releases them too thereby providing the plant with the water and nutrients through its absorption – release cycles. Thus Truehydrogel works on three principles , absorb retain and release to enhance the growth of the plants.