Soil Mixes


When mixed with substrate it helps in reducing the stress of water. It ensures a faster growth of seedlings and a better binding of transplants and cuttings with the root. The frequency of irrigation reduces. It is ideal for hanging plants, houseplants, and containers with the substrate. It has to be mixed evenly into the substrate and the amount to be added depends on the type of the substrate, water requirements, weather conditions, and the characteristics of the plants and cultivation. It basically depends on the how preamble the substrate is: More preamble, more is the TRUE HYDROGEL required.
Method to use:

  • Check as to how preamble the substrate is.
  • If the substrate is more preamble in nature, made of wood fibre, bark or coconut-residue, then the recommended amount of TRUE HYDROGEL to be added is 2 – 3 kg/m3.
  • If the substrate is less permeable, such as peat or composts, the recommended amount of TRUE HYDROGEL to be added ranges from 1 to 2 kg/m3.